Thursday, 9 April 2015

Who is Jordan Spieth's girlfriend?

Who is 21 year old golfer Jordan Spieth dating right now? Does he have a girlfriend? You may be asking who is he? To be honest I just laid eyes on him myself while watching the 2015 Masters at Augusta this evening and he looks rather appealing if I do say so myself. I am watching the golf live and right now he is co leader alongside Ernie Eels so he is a pretty fabulous golfer as well as having the looks to go with it. Before the start of play today he was one of the firm favorites to lift the trophy at Augusta as well as the large monetary sum that goes alongside it. I am sure many girls are admiring him as we speak. It is for these reasons I tried to find out if the young American golfer from Dallas is actually in love or not.

One of the best way to find out sports celebrities girlfriends is to stalk their Twitter account but unfortunately this was to no avail for me however it seems like Jordan is a really great guy and recently he said how disappointed he was to be missing his sister Ellie's 14 birthday but I guess she understands with him being so busy with his golf. Twitter may not have helped me out but Google search did and I am pleased to reveal that Jordan Spieth;s girlfriend is called Annie Verret and from looking at pictures of her she is stunning and also into her golf in a big way. The Annie Verret and Jordan Spieth pictures certainly show them looking very loved up indeed. She actually reminds me of Graeme McDowell's wife.

I am sure we will be hearing lots more about Jordan Spieth and his adorable girlfriend in the future.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

RMG(Royal Mail) Shares finish 15 pence up March 11th 2015

As you may be aware I am still stalking the RMG or Royal Mail stock as I like to call them. I have to say I am gutted that I was unable to buy into this stock for under 420 pence and now I feel as I have missed the boat on trading this share. Who knows though perhaps the stock price will fall again and enable me another opportunity to buy into the stock.

Incase the stock price takes a fall I have set a trade plan using my Halifax share dealing which will let me set a limit on which price I buy some of this stock at. I decided to modify my initial plan and set my limit at 422 pence. I have ordered £900 worth of shares at this level so this should get me around 210 shares after trade plan charges and trading charges are taken from the £900. The trade plan only applies for the next month so hopefully the share price will experience another small drop

I had my button on the buy RMG shares the other day when the share price was 421.90 and I wish I had hit it but considering the movement in this stock recently I decided to be cautious and not buy. Hindsight is a wonderful thing for sure.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Comic Relief Colouring Page for Friday 13th March

Are you trying to keep your little ones out of mischief this week? Why not entertain them with some Comic Relief Colouring pages also known as Red Nose colouring pages.

This set of Comic Relief colouring pages can be printed from the website Instant Display which features a variety of Red Nose Day activities. I particularly like the one featured here as it is educational as well as fun. It can teach your little one different shapes. If you are looking for something for older kids you may be interested in the word search on this website.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

What is the best price to buy Royal Mail Group Shares in March 2015

I have a small holding in Royal Mail Group in my stocks and shares ISA, 237 to be exact. I purchased 227 of these at initial launch when they were priced 330 pence per share. Since then I have set my dividend,/ps to automatically reinvest and have acquired a further 10 shares.

I have been reading the LSE stock exchange forum and following the daily Royal Mail share price both during the day and at close. This particular stock does seem very volatile at times and there can be differences up to 25 or 30 pence over a 2 or 3 week period. The result of this is a share which seems perfect for swing trading. I followed a few swing traders who managed to buy the share at 420 pence and sell it at 440 pence all within a 10 day period. This means they made 20 pence per share. Of course to make decent money you need to buy be buying at least 1000 shares as they trading fees are not exactly cheap.

Buying 1000 shares would make you £200 minus fees. My Halifax fees are almost £12 a trade so that is £24 off the profit already while stamp duty also needs to be paid. Buying 1000 shares would make you £150 in this case which is better than nothing. You would need to find the £4200 in the first place to buy this number of shares, so you would make £150 on £4200. When you put it like that it does not seem that much but if you were to repeat this over and over again you could make four figures.

My research has enticed me to buy 200 odd Royal Mail shares should the price fall below 420 pence. These will cost me under £900 counting fees. I will not be selling mine at 420 pence though, I will wait for at least 450 pence, which going on previous history should happen around ex dividend date if not before.

Friday, 30 May 2014

American Eagle Discount Code June 2014

AE outfitters is most teens and young twenty somethings first stop for some fabulous fashion picks. If you are one of the people who spend time on the site daily you may be interested in an American Eagle discount code for June 2014.

There are lots of coupons and American Eagle discount codes for June to help you complete your summer wardrobe.

Most of the offers fortunately do not require any coupon codes. It is important to note that deals can change daily as can the availability of discount codes.

There is currently an extra 40% off clearance items not to mention buy one t-shirts or shorts get one for $10

Monday, 26 May 2014

BMW PGA Championship 2014 Prize Money

The BMW PGA Championship finished yesterday, May 25th at Wentworth. As with most of the top golf tournaments there was a decent amount of prize money on offer. Normally the larger USA golf tournaments offer the largest prize purses but this Wentworth PGA Championship was right up there. The total prize purse was a respectable $4.75 million. This is not to be sneezed at. Of course Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy, suffering from heartbreak, went onto lift the coveted first place as well as a large sum of prize money. I think a few million dollars might help mend Rory's broken heart.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Watch New York City Village Halloween Parade Live Online October 31st 2010

October 31st is Halloween so why not enjoy the New York City Village Halloween Parade.

The Halloween Parade in New York is the world's latest Halloween celebration. It has been taking place for 38 years in New York City. It is expected that over 2 million people will turn up to take part in the New York City celebrations. There will be 42 marching bands as well as dancers, creative floats, puppets and food stalls. If you are in New York you can watch all the New York City Halloween parade on 6th Avenue.

If you cannot be in New York City but still want to enjoy all the fun of the New York city Halloween Village Parade why not watch it live online. The best place to watch the New York City Halloween Village Parade is TV coverage: WPIX news (channel 11), 7 - 10 p.m. / NY1, 8 - 9:30 p.m. You can access this news channel online.

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